Test your codes online

6 Website where you can test your codes on-line.


Codepad (Founder Steven Hazel), is an unique web application where you can also share code syntax across the web.
This website allows you to copy-paste important bits of code.
Output screen show syntax error if it exists. Left hand menu allows you to chaange parsing language from c/c++, PHP, Python, Ruby and much more.


Tinkerbin supports web developers coding in HTML5/CSS3/JS and displays the output directly on the screen.
This application is in alpha mode.

3.Write Code Online

Actually Writecodeonline redirects to its javascript editior . You can choose PHP, Javascript, basic url encoding.
Their application it safe to use...

4.JS Bin

Jsbin is a javascript debugging console.You can see your out at rights side.
I really like this site/

5.JS Fiddle

JSFiddle's interface is totally different as compared to JSBin supporting more complex functions.
Firstly you have to create account there which is for free and then you can start saving your sample code online.
Remember you can start coding without an account also but for sharing feature you must be logged in. Its a handy feature of JS Fiddle.

6.Code Run

Coderun is an online editor for any web application. The look of their text editor is just like Microsoft Visual Studio and you can also code in C# for ASP.NET.
You can also code in Javascript or PHP. This application runs similar as Visual studio in which you create a new website project.
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