Shiva Trilogy Review

Shiva Trilogy

Author : Amish Tripathi
Publisher : Westland
Genre : Mythology
Stars : 4.5/5

Shiva Trilogy is one of the best Mythology series i have read. All the covers are beautifully designed with good textures.
The Author Amish Tripathi had made Shiva as a normal man and there is no magical god in it. This is what story makes interesting. The Story starts from Shiva who comes from Mansarovar to fulfill his destiny. After drinking somras, his throat becomes blue and people starts to call him as Neelkanth who has come to save those people. Here starts the Story of Shiva who becomes Mahadev from a normal man.
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Shiva Trilogy Review Shiva Trilogy Review Reviewed by Admin on 21:19 Rating: 5

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