Make a simple Manual Robot for Racing

Interested in robotics? Want to build your first roborace robot ? Then yes you are on the right place where you can get information.
So without wasting time let's start to build robot.
Components you will require :

1. Chassis x1

2. DC Motors x4
3. Tyres x4
4. DPDT Switches x2
5. Switch Box x1
6. DC Supply i.e Battery (12V)
7. Wire strips (x meters, as per your requirement)
8. Insulation tape

Tools you will need during assembly :
  1. Screw Driver
  2. Plier
  3. Soldering Iron
  4. Wire Stripper
  5. Multimeter
 So first of all take your chassis and assemble all four motors as shown in fig. below and fix the tyres on the shaft of each motor. Ensure that you have fixed tyres tightly.
Now we come to most important part of this bot i.e. switches.
For the anticlockwise motion of the motor, generally DPDT switches are used. For this robot we will need only 2 switches.

Make the proper connections of the switches as per shown in figure and solder them.
Check the connection once before you are going to solder them.
Note : If you don't want to solder then you can also make use of "LUX".
Same connections are used for both the switches.
Now connect the wires of switches and motors as shown
After making all connections you will get connections like this
Now connect the wires to DC power supply i.e. Battery and your bot is ready to run.

Robot Control Tutorial :

Movement L-DPDT Switch R-DPDT Switch
Forward Top Top
Reverse Bottom Bottom
Right Top Off
Left Off Top
360 Right Top Bottom
360 Left Bottom Top

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