Android Applications for Mechanical Engineers

With changing technology, many people have grown little more than attached to their mobile devices. In this changing age when smartphone and tablets have become one stop shop for communication and entertainment, people are also increasingly using to complete work related tasks with a touch of your fingure. As smartphone and tablets are getting much smarter and reliable, apps are also set on fire and continuously upgrading them for users better experience. Few years ago there was a limited space for application for installation. Because of this there was a problem for installing huge apps. But now this has become a minor problem as apps are coming in reliable way.
As per report of Canalys, at the start of this year from total apps downloaded 80% apps were downloaded by Android devices. This shows that use of Android phones is increasing in rapid way as compared to iOS.
"The market has changed significantly" said Shuchi Khurana, the founder and CEO of Axon Calc, which developes mobile calculator apps for science and engineering. "When i started the company in 2010, there were fewer apps, but now there are so many calculations, reference and unit conversation applications on Play store." He added.
According to Khurana "The natural progression for apps would be mix of information with calculations and apps becoming smarter by doing complex calculations within short interval of time."
Regardless of the platform, the multitudes of apps being added to App store and Google play everyday are enabling engineers to perform simple and repititive tasks while on the road. So here are some Android apps that are useful for Mechanical Engineering professionals and students.
Heat Transfer Calculator: This app offers calculations related to Heat Transfer. The calculator consist of conduction, convection related calculations that calculates conduction and convection related phenomenon and gives output of temperature or heat transfer rate. It also allows unit conversion of heat transfer related calculations.
EngCalc: This app formuae and property tables for mechanical, hydraulic, structural, electrical, machine design, fluid mechanics, thermodynamic, heat and mass transfer, pipe flow and automotive. It also consist of unit converter with units and conversation.
Engineering Unit Converter: It is an app that allows engineers to choose a category such length, energy, entropy, etc. from the list. The available units appear in spinning wheels.
Autodesk ForceEffect Motion: This app allows engineers to develope functional mechanical system on their mobile devices. Unlike traditional approach of use of papers, pencils and calculator to develope equation for design options, the app does all simulations and engineering calculations on mobile devices. Engineers are able to simulate design options during concept phase using Autodesk ForceEffect Motion app.
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