Automobile Engineering Project Ideas

Instead of writing some introduction, we will directly turn to our main subject that is Project Ideas for Automobile Engineering.

Here are all the topics :
1. Lubrication system for mopeds.
2. Pollution control through SI Engine.
3. Biogas purification for CI Engine.
4. Design and fabrication of valve lapping machine.
5. Portable water servicing pump.
6. Electro-pneumatic clutch controlling system.
7. Gas injected spark ignition engine.
8. Designing of brake lock for hydraulic brake system.
9.Solar electric vehicle.
10. Smart infrared proximity detector.
11.Intelligent overtaking mechanism.
12. Self locking mechanism for reverse motion.
13. Cotton seed oil as an alternative fuel for CI Engine.
14. Digital rural bus stand.
15. Accident prevention mechanism in vehicles.
16. Optical valve timing encoder.
20. Design and fabrication of four seated car.
21. Automated gear shifting mechanism.
22. Study on noise reduction from CI Engine.
23. Experimental setup to study Gyroscopic couple due to processional motion.
24. Brake performance electronic tester.
25. Hinged jack.
26. Automatic vehicle monitoring and control.
27. Tyre pressure auto governing system.
28. Hovercraft.
29. Safety feature in automobile.
30. Soalr water disteller for rural areas
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