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In last post we have seen Automobile Engineering Project Ideas. Now moving further ahead, we are looking for more project ideas that people are demanding. As per the request of many users, we have decided to post on project ideas that are related to the Design and Development. So let us talk about some Design and Development project ideas.

1.The Study of Flow Condition of Air Jet Weaving Machine.

The purpose of this is to model the air flow of the weft insertion of air jet weaving machines that makes a series of laboratory measurements. Also to create a mathematical function which determines the speed of weft insertion flow without industrial measurement.
Source : Obuda University
Authors : Istvan Patko, Lorant Szabo.

2. Fabrication of Mini Cooling Tower.

In this project, heat is removed from the substance under various controlled conditions. As we all know cooling towers are the most important parts of various chemical plants. The main function of the cooling tower is to reject the heat from it to the atmosphere.
The make-up water is used to replenish the water lost to the evaporation. The hot water from the heat exchangers is sent to the cooling tower. This water exits from the cooling tower and the water is sent back to the heat exchanger and other units for further cooling.

3. Design of Automatic Operated Packaging Machine.

Todays need of Industry is to increase the production within less time and low cost. Considering this point, we came towards a project on an automated packaging machine that is mostly required in various industries. As it is series of repeated action of motions, this system can be automated and applied with high efficiency. Referring the various research papers and journals, some modifications were done on the old machines that resulted fast in operation. Also the new machine was more efficient than the previous one.

4. Design and Construction of Passenger Hovercraft.

Basically hovercraft is a vehicle that travels on the cushion of air trapped under the body to lift. e.g. quad-copter, multi-copter, etc.
Air cushion vehicles can attain higher speeds than the ships or land vehicles because they are subjected to lower frictional forces and thus use much less power.
For a hovercraft, there are three main design groups : Thrust, Lift and Steering System.

5. Design of a foot for a Humanoid.

The aim of this project is to design a new mechanism of a foot for a humanoid.
This project has been done in the collaboration with research center The Cognition and Interaction Lab (COIN) at school of humanity and informatics of the University of Skovde. At first, human foot was studied and an overview was taken about how they work.
A new mechanism was developed using three pneumatic cylinders and was designed in 3D in CAD/CAM software.
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