Advantages and Applications of Laser Beam Machining


  1. In Laser beam Machining (LBM) process there is no direct contact between the tool and the workpiece, hence there is no issue of tool wear.
  2. Machining can be done in any environment.
  3. Refractory materials can be easily worked.
  4. Easy machining of brittle, non-metallic and hard materials.
  5. Used for welding of dissimilar metals.
  6. Extremely small holes can be drilled easily.


  1. LBM is applicable only for thin sections and where a small quantity of material is removed.
  2. Control of hole size is difficult.
  3. Holes drilled may have a slight taper formation, hence not suitable for large holes.
  4. Durability and reliability of the system is limited.
  5. Due to low production rate, efficiency of system is low.
  6. Initial cost and operating cost of the system is high.
  7. Highly Skilled operators are required.


  • LBM is used for trimming of sheet metal, carbon resistors and plastic parts.
  • It is used for drilling small holes in the materials like tungsten, ceramics which are very hard.
  • LBM is also suitable for dynamic balancing of precise rotating components lie watches.
  • Cutting complicated profiles on thin films for making Integrated Circuits, engraving patterns on suitable thin films or sheets.
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