Amazing Desi Jugaad

We hope you will like these jugaad (lol)....
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PS : All the stunts are performed by the experts of respective field, don't try them at home. If you get slapped, we are not responsible for your injury :P
1. New Branded water heater. Can you imagine ?
2. For every CPU there is a FAN
3. OMG Umbrella ?
4. New door lockin' system for Maruti 800
5. Inventor is really a genius.

6. Remember Hostel life ??? :P
7. Boys Neva cries.
8. Brand new car.
9. An AC coach
10. My life, my way to listen music
11. Ha ha ha
12. Don't have mirror ? Why to worry
13. Portable chair
14. Ha ha ha
15. Don't kill them. Let them get drunk.
16. My Pulsar bike
17. Ha ha ha


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