Applications of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

The main objective of this lesson is to introduce you the applications of refrigeration and air conditioning.
Applications of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning|
Applications of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

What's relationship between Refrigeration and Air Conditioning?

Generally, refrigeration and air conditioning are treated in a single subject due to the fact that one of the most important application of refrigeration is in cooling and dehumidification as required for summer air conditioning.
In the form of heat pump, a refrigeration system can also be used for winter heating.

Applications of Refrigeration

The applications of refrigeration can be grouped into following four major equally important areas:

  • Food processing, preservation and distribution.
  • Chemical and process industries
  • Special applications
  • Comfort air conditioning

Refrigeration in Food processing, preservation and distribution:

Food preservation is one of the most important application of refrigeration. It is well known that food products can be preserved for a longer time, if stored them at lower temperatures. Both the live and dead products can be preserved for longer time using refrigeration.
Live products stands for the products like fruits, vegetables and dead products for the products like fist, meat etc.

Refrigeration in Chemical and Process Industries:

For separation and liquefaction of gases in petrochemical industries.
For removal of heat of reaction in various chemical industries.
For dehumidification of process air in pharmaceutical industries.
For recovery of solvents, storage of low boiling point liquids.

Special Applications of refrigeration:

Cold treatment of metals in the manufacture of precision parts, cutting tools to improve dimensional accuracy, hardness, wear resistance and tool life.
For storage of blood plasma, tissues, etc.
For manufacture and storage of drugs.
In surgery for local anaesthesia.
In construction for setting of concrete and for freezing wet soil to facilitate excavation.
Desalination of water by freezing.
Manufacture of ice, ice cubes, flakes, etc.
For storage of vaccines, medicines in remote and rural areas.

Applications of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is required for
  1. Providing thermal comfort to humans and other living beings - Comfort air conditioning.
  2. Providing conditions required for various products and processes in industries - Industrial air conditioning.

Comfort Air Conditioning -

The objective of this is to provide thermal comfort to the occupants.
Thermal comfort may be defined as the state of mind that expresses satisfaction with its surroundings.
The requirement of thermal comfort is that human body core temperature to be maintained about 37 degrees.

Classification of comfort air conditioning systems :

  • Air conditioning systems for residences.
  • Commercial air conditioning system.
  • Air conditioning system for hospitals.
  • Laptop, mobile air conditioning systems.

Industrial Air Conditioning -

The objective of this is to provide favourable surrounding conditions so that the required processes can be carried out and required products can be produced.
It should also provide at least a partial measure of comfort to the people working in the industries.

Industrial air conditioning examples -

  • Textile industries
  • Printing industries
  • Manufacturing of precision parts
  • Semi-conductor industries
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Photographic materials
  • Computer rooms
  • Mines, power plants, etc.
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