Introduction to Industrial Robots

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Industrial Robots
Robot is defined as, "a reprogrammable, multi-functional manipulator designed to move materials, tools, parts or specialized devices through variable programmed motions for performing a variety of tasks."

Generation of Robots :

1.First generation of robots (dump robots): 

These robots strictly work in a fixed sequence. They do not have any sensors which can take corrective action in case of deviations.

2.Second generation of robots (clever robots) :

These clever robots come with a number of sensors which can take corrective action in case of deviations. They are capable of taking logical decision.

3.Third generation of robots (Intelligent robots) :

These types of robots are still in design stage. They can take strategic and important decisions. They are designed by using the concept of artificial intelligence.

Advantages of Robots :

  • Robots improve quality and consistency of work.
  • Robots increase productivity, safety and efficiency of process.
  • They work continuously without experiencing fatigue or boredome unlike humans.
  • They need no environmental comfort, such as: lighting, air conditioning, ventilation and noise protection.
  • Robots can operate with high degree of accuracy
  • They have repeatable precision at all times.
  • They can have capabilities beyond that of humans.
  • Robots can process multiple tasks simultaneously.

Limitations of Robots :

  • Robots replaces human workers creating economic problems, such as lost salaries and social problems such as dissatisfaction and resentment among workers.
  • Robots lack capability to respond in unpredictable emergencies.
  • Robots have limited capabilities in degrees of freedom, sensors, dexterity, vision system and real time response.
  • Robots are costly due to high initial investment, installation cost, peripheral costs, training cost and programming cost.
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