Draw a Spur Gear in Catia | Tutorial

Catia is a software used to draw different complex shaped parts by mechanical engineers. By making use of this software anyone having knowledge of Catia software can draw any part of the machine.
In this tutorial, we are going to see how a spur gear can be drawn. Unlike other parts like shaft, sheet etc., spur gear is drawn by different method. It involves use of some formulae, input parameters, drawing of simple tooth profile and from that drawing of all other tooth of the spur gear.
We are providing a tutorial, just follow it and you will also be able to draw a spur gear in Catia.
Before starting note that you will need module and number of teeth on gear. Using these basic parameters, you will get all other parameters required for drawing the spur gear.

Gear Calculations for 20 degree pressure angle.

1. Number of teeth, N=25 (In this case, our design refers to 25 number of teeth.So simply put number of teeth according to your design)
2. Module, m=3.5 (In this case, our design refers to 3.5 mm module.Simply put module according to your design)
3. Pitch circle radius, Rp=m*N/2
4. Clearance circle radius, Rb=0.94*Rp
5. Addendum circle radius, Ra=Rp+m
6. Dedendum circle radius, Rd=Rp-1.25*m
 Workbench used : Part design
Commands used :
Formula toolbar
Circular Pattern

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