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Generally, many teachers teaches robot based on Industrial robot, neglecting other types of service robots. Therefore, generally, people when talk about types of robots, they talk about industrial robots. However, industrial robots are not only ones which exist in this world. In this chapter, we are going to study different types of robots that are used in the world.
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Military Robot

So for better understanding we could divide robots into two types viz. based on their application and by their locomotion and kinematics.

Robots based on their Applications:

1. Industrial robots: Industrial robots are used in industrial environment for performing various functions. Usually, they are developed for the applications like material handling, welding, spraying, painting and many more. For more, refer Industrial robots.
2. Domestic robots: Domestic robots are the robots that are used at home. These type of robots include variety of robots such as vacuum cleaners, sweepers, pool cleaners, etc. Also some different categories robots can be used as domestic robots if used in that environment.
3. Military robots: The robots used in military are known as military robots. These types of robots include bomb disposal robots, reconnaissance drones, transportation robots, fighting robots.
4. Service robots: These are the robots that don't fall into other types of usage. These could be different data gathering robots, robots used for research, robots to show off technologies, etc.
5. Space robots: Mars curiosity rover by NASA is the best example of space robot. Also these type of robots are used in International space stations.
6. Entertainment robots: These robots are used for entertainment purpose. These types of robots include from small to big robots like articulated robot arms used as motion simulators.
7. Hobby robots: These are the robots which are made as a hobby purpose. But believe me, this is the type of robot that i like the most. A new innovation can come through these types of robots.
8. Competition robots: These robots are used for competition purpose like line followers, racing robots, sumo-bots that you see during college festivals.

Types of robots by locomotion and kinematics:

These are
1. Stationary robots
  • Cartesian robots
  • Spherical robots
  • Cylindrical robots
  • Articulated robots (Robotic arm)
  • SCARA robots
  • Parallel robots
2. Wheeled robots
  • Single wheeled robot
  • Two wheeled robots
  • Multiple wheeled robots
3. Legged robots
  • Bipedal robots (Humanoid robots)
  • Tripedal robots
  • Quadrupedal robots
  • Hexapod robots
4. Swarm robots
5. Flying robots
6. Mobile spherical robots (robotic balls)
7. Swimming robots
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