Working of Manual Transmission

While driving a car you may have some crazy questions that will be knocking your head like, "What is moving inside when i move shifter?"
"Is that sound of something grinding ? If yes then what's grinding inside?"
"What if i suddenly shift lever in reverse while moving forward ?"
"Would the transmission explode?"
In this post, we will give you all possible answers and will explore more the interior of manual transmission.
For changing speed or for the requirement of different torque we need transmission. And this transmission comes up with different  types of gearboxes such as Constant mesh gearbox or Synchromesh gearbox or many more. So you will be thinking how these gears engages and disengages when we shift lever.
In this video, you will see how manual transmission works, how gears engages and disengages and much more that your mind comes up with questions.
Ideally, you obtain different speed and torque with the help of transmission having constant speed prime mover such as engine, electric motor, etc.
Watch the video below to understand how the manual transmission works.

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