What is Mechanical Engineering ? Is it hard ?

There are many of rumors about engineering and its different branches, and every student who is willing to take admission to Mechanical Engineering has a question in mind .... Is Mechanical Engineering really hard ?
Before going to the answer, we will discuss about what is engineering ?

What is Engineering ?

What is Engineering ? | www.enggarena.net
What is Engineering ?

Engineering, science and technology are three interlinked streams of scientific studies which differ in approaches based on attitudes of students,
Science is concerned with basic theories and exact calculations, while engineering aspires to serve humanity with creations, based on simplified scientific foundations.

What is Mechanical Engineering ?

What is Mechanical Engineering ? | www.enggarena.net
What is Mechanical Engineering ?

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most exciting and fascinating disciplines. It possesses the evergreen charm of career making because of its importance in all fields of engineering applications.
The discipline explorers engineers to the conception, design, implementation and operation of mechanical systems in various aspects of life. In other words, it ranges from a small bicycle to the space shuttles.
Mechanical engineers work in the design, manufacturing, operation and marketing of innumerable industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy and power conversion, manufacturing, bio-mechanics, robotics, food processing, heavy machinery and household appliances.
Now, let us see is Mechanical Engineering that hard ?

Is Mechanical Engineering Hard ?

If you are thinking that Mechanical Engineering is hard then you are wrong. Here we are giving some points that show Mechanical Engineering is not that hard, what you are thinking.
1. Unlike science students, Mechanical Engineering students don't have to derive theorems. They are already derived, proved and verified. What you have to do is to apply those theorems, concepts on real life situations.
2. The subjects or the topics are very much repetitive in nature. Hence, once you grasp the basics, you will be able to apply them again and again.
3. Unlike electrical or electronics where you have to imagine, mechanical is very much visual subject.
4. You don't have to write any coding like Computer Science branch. Here you just have to follow the particular steps all the time.
5. At least you don't have to learn thoroughly LAPLACE or Z-transformations unlikely in Electrical Engineering.
6. Only Mechanics and Thermodynamics is the base of almost all other subjects.
Though all the points discussed above are right, any subject or topic that seems hard or easy depends upon your skills and interest. But I must say, it is always fascinating to learn Mechanical Engineering.
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