Project Report on Footstep Power Generation

Project Report On Footstep  Power Generation

The power crisis is being one of the major topics to be discussed. The solution for this is to provide a considerable amount of power using renewable energy resources.

Among these resources, the human population is the only abundant and perennial resource that has not been utilized. If a suitable method is available, the expected amount of power can be tapped out from these resources.

We have presented the idea to utilize human locomotion power to produce electricity and also we have designed a method named FOOT STEP POWER GENERATION, a large-scale project that consists of a number of similar mechanical and electrical setups under a special flooring system.

Footstep Power Generation circuit diagram
Circuit diagram of Footstep power generation

Introduction to footstep power generation

The system generates voltage using footsteps force. The system serves as a medium to generate electricity using non-conventional sources (force) and store/use it.
The project is designed to be useful in public places like railway stations where a lot of people keep walking through the day. At such places, these systems are to be placed at any entry points where people travel through entrance or exits and they have to step on this device assembly to get through.
This device will then generate a voltage on every footstep and when mounted in series it will produce a sizable amount of electricity.
For this purpose, we have to use piezoelectric sensors that use the piezoelectric effect in order to measure acceleration, force, pressure by its conversation into electrical signal/pulses.

Footstep Power Generation Block diagram

Block diagram of proposed system

Applications of Footstep power generation

  • Mobile charging.
  • Battery charging.
  • Inverter systems.
  • Backup systems.


  • Highly sensitive.
  • Works according to the force intensity.
  • Low-cost low maintenance.
  • Complete elimination of manpower.


  • Colors of vehicle effect

Future scope and Enhancements

  • Has large potential and options for the non-conventional energy source.
  • It can be directly implemented in shoes to generate power On-the-Go.
  • It can be increased for multiple chargers.


In concluding the words of the project, since the power generation using footstep get its energy requirements from the non-renewable source of energy.
There is no need for power from the mains and there is less pollution in this source of energy. It is very useful to places such as roads crowded areas etc.
It will be able to extend this project by using the same arrangement and construct in the footsteps/ speed breakers so that it will increase the Power production rate, and hence beneficial for mankind years to come.

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