50 Best Mechanical Engineering Quotes

It is a recent trend or we can say now it has become a fashion to print the T-Shirts having some beautiful quotes. But most people are stuck at the stage ‘what text to print?’.
So here we are providing some beautiful quotes specially for Mechanical Engineers.

mechanical engineer t shirt

In this post, we are going to see the best Mechanical Engineering Quotes.
1. “No fluctuations No errors …. Bcoz Mighty Mex rulez foreva”
2. “Whole world stops if WE stop moving”
3. “Mechanical Engineers do things with less power and great efficiency”
4. “We screw those who screw normal people. Yes, we are ME”
5. “East or West, Mechanical is da best”
6. “Every nut needs bolt 😉 “
7. “No TECH without MECH”
8. “MECH dares, all other just Stares”
9. “Let me check your horn”
10. “Let me tighten your bolt”
11. “I m not a nut but I can screw well”
12. “I m not a mechanic but I m a MECHANICAL ENGINEER”
13. “Highly MECHANIZED”
14. “Gentleman I will start your Engine”
15. “Get in Gear with MECHANICAL ENGINEER”
16. “Do you know the meaning of ME? It’s Mother Of Engineering ….. Admit it”
17. “I screw for a living”
18. “I m a MECHANICAL ENGINEER ….. Not a magician”
19. “Join us or dare to beat us”
20. “Machines rule the world and We rule the Machines”
21. “Nut is as per bolt”
22. “We are gears of Tomorrow”
23. “We Mech the world”
24. “We Mech …. Move the world”
25. “When we screw even Metal also cries”
26. “Without MECHANICAL ENGINEER, Physics is just theory”
27. “When the Mechanical will rest, the world will rust”
28. “Is Heaven/Hell endothermic or exothermic?”
29. “Have you checked your oil today?”
30. “Got the nerve to dare ME?”
31. “Air – Aerodynamics
Water – Fluid Mechanics, Dynamics
Fire – Thermodynamics
Sky – Vacuum
Earth – Metallurgy”
32. “Yes I m Mechanical Engineer”
33. “Can do it again and again, I reciprocate”
34. “All are not FOOLS, some choose ME”
35. “God is a Mechanical Engineer, so m I!!!”
36. “If you like me raise your hands otherwise raise your standards – Highly Mechanized”
37. “It’s not that I can’t explain, it is you can’t understand – Mex Attitude”
38. “Mechanical Engineers can become mechanic;
But software engineers cannot become software”
39. “Mechanical, Rules the world”
40. “Shame on you girls, I m still single – Mechanical Engineer”
41. “As you may know I m Mechanical Engineer”
42. “Feeling lonely at the Top – Mechanical Engineer”
43. “Suck – Squeeze – Suck – Squeeze …. We do it 4 stroke way “
44. “Ask me for a Lube job”
45. “Rear End Collision Specialist”

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