Automobile Engineering Project Ideas for College Students

Automobile Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of Automobiles. In this post, we are going to discuss automobile engineering project ideas.

Automobile Engineering Project Ideas

In engineering colleges, one must submit a project or thesis in order to get the degree during the final year of engineering. It is exasperating and laborious to choose the topic for the project.

Final year automobile engineering students should start looking for the project topics as early as possible. The final year automobile engineering projects should be futuristic and innovative and should give some groundbreaking results.

We can say automobile engineering is a subbranch of mechanical engineering dealing with the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of automobiles.

Latest Automobile Engineering Project Ideas 2022

Let us discuss some futuristic and ingenious project ideas for Automobile Engineering college students.

SI Engine Project Ideas

Project Title: Pollution control through SI Engine

Conduct a study to know pollution control techniques for SI engines. Conduct the study on any engine like a four-stroke single-cylinder SI engine using different parameters such as variable speed, variable compression ratio. Get the reading of emission of gases and suggest a pollution control method. One may suggest changes in the design of an engine.

Project Title: Design and Analysis of SI engine piston using CATIA-ANSYS

Piston temperature has a considerable influence on the efficiency, emission, and performance of the SI engine. Design a piston with the help of CATIA a cad modeling software and analyze it for the measurement of piston transient temperature at several points on the piston, from cold start to steady condition and compare them with the results of finite element analysis.

CI Engine Project Ideas

Project Title: Cottonseed oil as an alternative fuel for CI Engine

Conduct a study to use cottonseed oil as an alternative fuel for CI engines. One may mix it with other fuels and compare the result of the effects on the engine.

Project Title: Biogas purification for CI Engine

Study the effects of various operating parameters on engine performance and emissions, and comparison with conventional diesel-fuelled CI engines are discussed. Biogas improves combustion efficiency, NOx, and smoke emissions. However, it reduces brake thermal efficiency, volumetric efficiency, and increases HC and CO emissions. Biogas fuelling of CI engines is recommended for achieving high diesel substitution, especially under high torque operation.

Project Title: Study on noise reduction from CI Engine

The design and development of modern diesel engines are marked by a reduction in exhaust gas emissions and an increase in specific power and torque. Exhaust noise is one of the major contributors to noise from vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. This noise can be reduced sufficiently by means of a well-designed muffler or silencer.

Design and fabrication Project Ideas for College Students

Project Title: Design and fabrication of automatic tire inflation system.

Driven by studies that show that a drop in tire pressure by just a few PSI can result in the reduction of gas mileage, tire life, safety, and vehicle performance. Design an automatic tire inflation system that will monitor and maintain pressure in the tire of a vehicle.

Tyre inflation system
Image Source: Learnmech

Project Title: Design and analysis of Automated truck cabin suspension system.

Design an automated truck cabin suspension system that can handle shocks and vibrations on terrain and irregular roads. The load coming from the floor and the chassis should be taken by the suspension system. Make a modal analysis to check hormonal frequencies, hormonal analysis to plot graphs between frequency and amplitude. Make a static analysis to study the deflection of leaf spring.

Project Title: Design and fabrication of dump truck tilting system.

Design and fabricate a simple dump truck tilting system with the help of a hydraulic system. The hydraulic cylinders are used to lift the tiller and it should be enough to handle the load of the tiller. There is a scope of research to improve the efficiency of the system as it gets bulky due to the use of a hydraulic system.

More Automobile engineering project ideas for college students are shared below:
  • Design and fabrication of valve lapping machine.
  • Portable water servicing the pump.
  • Electro-pneumatic clutch controlling system.
  • Gas injected spark ignition engine.
  • Designing of brake lock for the hydraulic brake system.
  • Solar electric vehicle.
  • Smart infrared proximity detector.
  • Intelligent overtaking mechanism.
  • A self-locking mechanism for reverse motion.
  • Digital rural bus stand.
  • Accident prevention mechanism in vehicles.
  • Optical valve timing encoder.
  • Design and fabrication of four seated cars.
  • Automated gear shifting mechanism.
  • Experimental setup to study Gyroscopic couple due to processional motion.
  • Brake performance electronic tester.
  • Hinged jack.
  • Automatic vehicle monitoring and control.
  • Design of an efficient Hovercraft.
  • Safety features in the automobile.
  • Solar water distiller for rural areas

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