Top 20 Automobile Project ideas for 2022

In this post, we will give you some mechanical engineering project ideas for final year college students.

List of Automobile project ideas for Automobile Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and diploma students.

Top 20 Automobile Project Ideas

Here is the list of Automobile Projects and Mini project topics and we keep updating the list, so keep visiting website for an updated list.
1. Interface design in an Automobile glass cockpit environment.
2. An embedded system to assess the automotive shock absorber condition under vehicle operation.
3. Preparing an existing diesel power plant for a wind hybrid retrofit.
4. Design and analysis of large transportable vacuum insulated cryogenic vessel.
5. Kozhikode diesel power project.
6. Thermo-electric air cooling for cars, commercial vehicles.
7. Development and demonstration of a diode laser sensor for a scramjet combustor.
8. Electronic valve actuation in the combustion engine.
9. Ride quality and drivability of a typical passenger car subject to engine driveline and road non-uniformities excitation.
10. Links between subjective assessments and objective metrics for steering.
11. Wind-driven mobile charging of Automobile battery.
12. Hybrid Electric vehicle.
13. Air bike.
14. Air compressed car.
15. Collision mitigation brake system.
16. Hydraulic disk brakes.
17. Auto body painting.
18. Solar-powered bicycle.
20. Inbuilt hydraulic jack system.
21. Development of a robust igniter for methane-fueled SI engine.
22. Understanding the cavity modes of tires.
23. Off-highway tire drop testing of titan tire.
24. Closed-loop combustion control for SI engine.
25. Fixtures for light duty and heavy duty injectors and integration, drive setup, and validation.
26. Numerical study of post-collision angles for multiple impinging jet injectors.
27. Rapid screening with paddle fast pyrolysis systems.
28. Fuze testing capability development.
29. Electrospray from Magneto-Electrostatic instabilities.
30. Multiscale modeling of polymer nanocomposites.

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