Choosing a Hydraulic Clamp and Its Benefits

Doing industrial work would be safer with the use of a hydraulic clamp. It is a mechanical device that is used to fasten any workpiece and eliminates the risk of injuries. The equipment has a type of fluid that helps boost the pressing process to reduce fatigue among workers. Read on this post to learn about choosing the correct hydraulic clamp for your workplace and its benefits.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Hydraulic Clamps

Buying a hydraulic clamp is difficult for beginners. The market provides different types of clamps which might confuse buyers. By taking into account the following factors, you can find the right hydraulic clamp for your business.


The size of the hydraulic clamp has to do with its performance on a workpiece. It is either big or small, depending on the size of a workpiece. Obviously, bigger equipment is ideal for pressing an ample piece and will produce a better outcome. Getting the right size of hydraulic clamp guarantees a safer and more efficient operation.

Easy to Install

Each type of hydraulic is installed in different ways. Therefore, it is important to understand how the equipment performs when buying. Ask experts to help you decide which one is most suitable for your needs.

First, you may fasten the hydraulic clamp on a stable surface using bolts so that it won’t easily wobble. Such bolts are the best accessories to keep the equipment intact during operation.

The second is the mounting type of hydraulic clamp. Start by setting up the device on a bench. Secure the device by using extra bolts upon installation.

Amount of Pressure

A hydraulic clamp works with pressure. The amount of pressure force differs on each type of hydraulic clamp. It could range from 3,000 to 5,000 pounds, depending on which model satisfies your needs.

Correct clamping is necessary to take pleasure in the device’s full benefits. A thicker section of a workpiece will demand a stronger force for better results. While working with thinner sections will require less force not to ruin the material. It is because thin workpieces are more vulnerable and might bend which can affect the machine’s accuracy. Remember to attach the device exactly to the workpiece and not hinder any cutting tools to prevent difficulties.

For more delicate pieces, you should use pads on the clamp to avoid greater damage. This would help the machine to operate correctly all throughout.

Clamping Arm

The direction of the clamping arm has an impact on the overall operation. It is located on the top of the device that works to apply pressure force during the pressing process. This clamping arm can move clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on what the situation suggests. No worries as the clamps are easy to adjust to meet the direction that you will require. Hence, knowing this factor before selecting a hydraulic clamp will provide you with the best purchase of the device.

Other Accessories

Since industrial works can be broad, you need equipment that is versatile like a hydraulic clamp. It comes with special accessories to be more functional in meeting your requirements. They exist to enhance the performance of the device like no other.

Booster and pump are just a few examples of what you can add when shopping for a hydraulic clamp. These two accessories will help to improve how the clamps work. Both promote better safety and faster operation that benefits the whole business.

The Benefits of a Hydraulic Clamp

Experts claimed that using machines is more favorable than automated processes. This is also true with a hydraulic clamp which is used by a wide range of manufacturers in pressing workpieces. Here are its benefits for your preference of buying one:

Saves Time

If there is one thing a hydraulic clamp can boast, it would be its speed. Lesser downtime is essential for a manufacturing site to increase production, and quality clamps play a vital role in that. It even minimizes the operator’s tasks without compromising the level of productivity of each workpiece. As a result, there will be lower risks of injuries and losses.

Better Consistency

The pressure force hydraulic clamp yields will be consistent throughout the manufacturing process. This is to ensure minimal errors, unlike with manual devices. All of the procedures are programmed not to stress out the next operator who will do the job. Therefore, scrapped parts will be reduced which is a great advantage for the business.


Hydraulic clamps are portable devices and won’t take up a lot of space in the workstation. Plus, it is so easy to assemble to get started. Operators can function freely in the workplace even with plenty of hydraulic clamps around.

Where to Buy Quality Hydraulic Clamps?

hydraulic clamp

Sandvik parts supplier can provide you with the best hydraulic clamps and other industrial tools on the market. It also offers custom-made products upon requests to meet every project’s needs. All of the products are designed with quality materials to enhance durability and effectiveness for the job. Obtain quotations to easily calculate your expenses in completing the tools for your workplace.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, a hydraulic clamp is indispensable when it comes to industrial work. The features above guarantee the best pressing process that would benefit operators greatly. If it is your first-time looking for a hydraulic clamp supplier, you can search online and narrow down your choices later on.

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