W3Schools Offline Version Download for free

Download Tutorials of W3schools offline version for Free

W3schools tutorial are very useful for beginners for learning HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, VB Script, Web browser scripting, PHP, ASP, .NET, SQL etc etc …
By using the w3schools offline version you can browse the w3schools website totally. Once you download this offline version then you no more need an Internet connection to browse W3schools.
I am sharing this offline version for educational purposes only, do not use it for commercial purposes without prior permission. All pages and graphics are the property of Refsnes Data Рthe owner of w3schools.
The file is highly compressed in .7z format, file size is just 1.6 MB.
When you will extract it , the folder will become of size 104 MB.

How will you use the Offline version?

  • Download file
  • Extract all files
  • Open Offline W3schools version >> www.w3schools.com folder
  • Open the default.html
  • Browse whatever you want


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