MATLAB Programs to Find Roots of Equations

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MATLAB is a high performance language for technical computing.
The word MATLAB stands for “MATrix LABoratory” and is a numerical computing environment and fourth-generation computing language.
In applied mathematics and engineering, various problems are in the form of determining the root of equation. A great importance is given to such problems, which are in the form
Where f(x) is the function which is either liner or non-linear.
So, in this post we have covered different matlab programs to find the roots of equations.
For the simplicity of the students we are making these programs to be available for download for free.
In these files, we have covered programs as well as their respective output so that no one will have any confusion/doubt about the programs.
You can test the programs giving different inputs, as per required for the programs.
Below are the downloading links for different MATLAB programs to find out the roots of equation.

Modified Newton Raphson

Newton Raphson with Iteration by another method

Newton Raphson with Accuracy

 Newton Raphson with Accuracy by another method

Newton Raphson with iteration

Newton Raphson with iteration by another method

Newton Raphson with Iteration by another method

Newton Raphson Modified by another method

Successive Approximation

Bisection method with Accuracy Criteria

Bisection Method with Iteration Criteria

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