Find Intergration using MATLAB

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MATLAB stands for “MATrix LABoratory” which is a high performance language for technical computing.
MATLAB is used to find many functions such as roots of equation,Differentiation,Integration,Simultaneous Equations and much more.
To ‘Integrate’ word suggests to bring close i.e to comine or to unite the parts as a whole. As an Engineer, one can say that “Integration is the process of calculating integral from a set of tabulated values of specific function”.
In many Engineering applications,integration plays an important role. The quantities like work and heat cannot be represented by a point on a thermodynamic plane. They are the path function and their value depends on the path followed during the process. Hence they are represented by area under curve.
There are various numerical methods for solving numerical Integration. Those can be given as:

  • Simpson’s 1/3rd rule
  • Simpson’s 3/8th rule
  • Trapezoidal rule
  • Gauss Quadrature 2 point and 3 point formula
  • Double Integration (Again classified as:)
  1. Trapezoidal rule
  2. Simpson’s rule

Below, we are providing MATLAB files with programs including their outputs as well to check whether the program is right or wrong.

Gauss Quadrature 2 point formula

Gauss Quadrature 3 point formula

Simpson’s 1/3rd rule

Simpson’s 3/8th rule

Trapezoidal rule with single integration

Double Integration using Simpson’s rule

Double Integration using Trapezoidal rule

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