Solidworks 2D Sketches For Practices

Solidworks is a multi-platform Computer-aided design (CAD) and Computer-aided engineering (CAE) software developed by the French company Dassault Systemes.

It is a solid modeling CAD-CAM program that primarily runs on Windows Operating System.

Solidworks enables the creation of 3D parts from 2D sketches, surfacing, sheet metal, weldments, molded tooling parts up to the definition of mechanical assemblies.

Solidworks 2D Sketch for Practice
Solidworks 2D sketches for practices

To be a master in any application, you need to practice. In this modeling software, a 2D sketch is the first step for the introductory part of 3D design. Different commands and tools are used for different shapes as per design.

Sometimes, you may come along with some difficulties while designing. Hence, in order to avoid such difficulties, we need to practice more and more.

So here we are providing you with some 2D sketches for your practices. Go through them, I am pretty sure you will grab command on the tools after practicing these sketches.

Download Solidworks 2D sketches for Practices

Download the files given in the link:

Download Solidworks 2D sketches for Practices.

Dropbox Link

The file contains all types of 2D sketches from beginner level to pro-level. New and different profiles of the machine are added in order to get the idea of how parts are, how they should be, and how they are designed in minimum time.

All the best and stay tuned for more updated tutorials and drawings.

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