Top 7 Types of Paper Bag Making Machines

There are different types of paper bag-making machines. The most common types are Sharp bottom, Single Tube, and V-Bottom. Let’s look at what each one does and how you can choose the best one for your business. You can also find information on the different types by visiting the manufacturer’s website, Like-NOVA. After reading this article, you should be able to choose the best machine for your needs. And if you’re still unsure, just keep reading to get a better idea of what they are and how they work.

What are paper bag making machines? 

Paper bag-making machines are machines that produce paper bags. These machines vary in terms of their capacity and operation. They can produce as many as 25000 bags per hour. The production rate depends on the paper and the machine. Paper bag machines can be expensive. The initial investment of a machine is often higher than the operating cost. Nevertheless, the initial costs are worth it. These machines help make bags for various products, including bags for groceries and other goods.

The feeding process involves supplying materials to the cutting and sealing segments. A feeder ensures that the material feeding is accurate. The feeding process also involves using print mark sensors to ensure an accurate supply of the printed web. 

After feeding the materials, the machine performs a forming process. The materials pass through a series of heating and cooling elements that provide an effective seal. The temperature of these elements must be adjusted according to the quality of the material. Higher-quality materials require a longer sealing time and a higher temperature.

Types of Paper Bag Machines

V Bottom bag-making machine

The V-Bottom bag-making machine is a high-speed bag manufacturing machine. This machine can process various types of paper materials, such as thirty grams to one hundred grams. 


This machine has functions such as printing, transmission, thorn hole, top gluing, interruption, and folding tip. Moreover, the production rate of finished bags is 100%. This machine is highly suitable for a wide range of industries.

The main features of this machine include its high-speed operation, ability to produce a variety of types of paper bags, and ease of use. Besides, it is compatible with various types of paper and various materials. This machine can be customized to produce various types of paper bags with high quality and speed. This machine can be used by a wide variety of industries and is cost-effective as well.

Besides, it is easy to operate and has low power consumption.

Another major benefit of a V-bottom bag-making machine is its capability to manufacture many different sizes and shapes of paper bags. This machine features a flexo printing unit, which can create customized patterns on paper bags. It can also produce more than one image on the bags, reducing the amount of film waste. This machine is suitable for businesses that are looking for a bag production machine for their business. This is the machine for you if you’re looking for a quality machine that produces beautiful bags.

Single Tube bag making machine

Single Tube paper bag-making machines are fully automatic machines that gather raw materials, fold and stamp them, and complete the process at high speed. They are designed with the latest modern technologies and incorporate touch screens and PC control systems.

The control panel will display the machine’s real-time progress and include an automatic counting provision. This feature will help users create paper bags that fit perfectly in their intended packaging. This machine is a good choice for small businesses because of its simple operation and low initial investment.

These single tube paper bag-making machines feature four nozzles that evenly apply glue to the paper bags. The glue makes the bags stick together more easily, and the bags are then passed through a system of rollers. 

Then, the bag is almost finished and comes out in one piece. Single Tube paper bag-making machines are fully automatic, process raw materials at high speed, and offer several safety features. They are easy to operate and require less maintenance than other types of machines.

Sharp bottom bag making machine

Sharp bottom paper bag-making machines are a kind of packaging machinery that is used to make bags for different products. The machine can be operated manually or automatically. Its compact design allows the materials to be passed accurately and steadily. 


The machine can improve the appearance and mechanical properties of the bags. In addition, the machine uses two servo motors to help control the amount of glue used and provide a perfect cut. Its compact design makes it easy to operate.

Sharp bottom paper bags are made from coated china clay paper, which provides a smooth surface and makes them suitable for customized bags. The paper can be found in different colors, making it highly versatile. Sharp bottom paper bag-making machines are available from manufacturers such as NOVA, who produce fully automatic and user-friendly machines. Sharp bottom paper bag-making machines have several benefits and can be an excellent choice for your company. 

Paper bag bottom folding and gluing machine

ZB60 paper bag bottom folding and gluing machine features an easy and dedicated design. This machine has a special bottom-unsealed bags feeding system, which uses vacuum absorption to feed the paper bag bottoms. 

The machine uses water-soluble cold glue and the environment-friendly gluing agent to ensure the bottoms of the paper bags are glued properly. It has three automatic functions: feeding, pasting, and automatic glue spray. It can produce a variety of bag specifications and features high precision and speed.

RZFD-450 is an outstanding large-scale, fully-automatic paper bag-making machine. This machine is compatible with kraft, grease-proof, coated, and medico paper. It implements an automated process to ensure top-quality results and reduce labor costs. It is ideal for different types of paper bags, including snack bags, food bags, and high-end paper handbags. Moreover, it is easy to operate and saves labor costs.

Twin Roll bag making machine

A Twin Roll bag-making machine is a dual-purpose, computer-controlled device to make flat-opening, point-cut rolled T-shirts and bags. The computer numerical control allows for a precise length setting that minimizes errors in sealing and cutting. The machine also features a photoelectric eye track for positioning printed bags. The machine can automatically stop if the printed material is mispositioned. This machine is highly versatile, with many uses, and capable of producing various products.

Twin Roll bag-making machines are available in a variety of configurations. They can process PP, LDPE, HDPE, and PE. These machines also offer the ability to laminate and emboss. They are designed for various applications and include automatic bag parameter settings, servo-controlled bag stacking facilities, and more. These machines can be customized for any plastic bag manufacturer’s needs.

Flat handle paper bag making machine

The flat handle paper bag-making machine is a complete package that includes cutting, forming, and printing. The machine cuts the paper into a tube and combines multiple rolls of paper or other material over a rigid former. 

The result is a bag with a flat bottom and a gusseted or folded top. The material is then glued together,, and the finished bag is outputted. The machine has an automatic collection system that allows you to view the number of bags produced at a time.

The flat handle paper bag-making machine can be designed to make bags with wide widths. The inline versions have a hydraulic lifting system for the paper rolls. Stand-alone models are available and can be attached to a paper bag-making machine. 

The machines use a web guiding system from Italy that regulates the lateral web alignment and improves efficiency. The flat paper handles are then attached to the paper bag body using a water-based adhesive.

Automatic paper bag machine

An Automatic paper bag machine is a machine that produces bags using thin, flexible packaging film at high speed. It is capable of processing both thick and thin-skinned paper. The machine can be used for various products, such as food and beverage packaging. There are several factors to consider before investing in this kind of machine. Here are some of the factors to consider. A properly configured machine will ensure the highest quality of bags.

The machine has many features to enhance its productivity. One of the most important features is the ability to produce different sizes of bags. The AMM-RU is a good example. It can make various types of bag tubes, including side-sealed and top-sealed ones. The machine features a pneumatic roller system for easy reel changes and a photoelectric sensor to detect the edge of the paper web.


Although many types of paper bag-making machines are on the market, not all are created equal. It is important to research and find the machine that best suits your needs. 

At NOVA, They offer a variety of machines that cater to a range of businesses. They have the V-Bottom machine for those who need a durable and long-lasting bag, the Single Tube machine for those who want an easy-to-use bag-making process, and the Sharp bottom machine for those who require a more specialized bag.

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