Universal Dividing Head

For indexing the workpiece, this type of dividing head is very useful.
Fig 1

It consist of robust body and a worm drive is inclosed in it. It is having worm and worm wheel as shown in fig 2.
The fig 2 shows details of internal mechanism of Universal Dividing Head.
In this, the dividing head spindle carries a worm wheel that meshes with the worm.
This worm carries a crank at its outer end. The index pin works inside the spring loaded plunger, which can slide radially along a slot provided in the crank.
This plunger can slide, to adjust the pin position along a desired hole circle on the index plate.
The index plate in mounted on the same spindle as the crank, but on a sleeve, hence the crank and worm spindle can move independent on the index plate.
To set a definite distance along a desired hole circle, sector arms are used. Sector arms are of detachable type and can be set at a desired angles with one another. The index plates are available in a set of two or three, with a number of hole circles generally on both sides.
The universal head is used to perform following operations :

  1. To set the workpiece in a desired position, in relation to the machine table.
  2. To rotate the workpiece through a desired angle, after each cut and hence, index the periphery of the workpiece.
  3. To provide a continuous a rotary motion to the workpiece while milling of helical grooves.
Fig 2

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