Design and Fabrication of Automatic Sewage Cleaning System

In this project, the proposal concept is to replace the manual work in drainage cleaning with an automated system. We know that water has great importance in human beings’ life, the water flow in a drain full of wastes like polythene, bottles, etc. The drains get blocked due to these wastes in the water. Now a day’s even though mechanical machine plays a vital role in all industrial applications in the proper disposal of sewage from industries and commercials are still a challenging task. To overcome this problem and to save human life we implement the design “Automatic sewage cleaning system”.


In this project, automation of sewage cleaning system. The proposed concept is to replace the manual work in drainage cleaning with an automated system. Nowadays in all industries, the work takes place automatically this is necessary to all the industries without any system efforts. The work is going on by using the automatic technique. In the present day, however, automation plays an important role in all industry applications. Disposal of sewage waste from industries is a difficult job. This is one challenging task in industries and commercials. In older days people were using drainage pipes because they use to remove sewage water. There is a disadvantage which may be loss of human life when work in that drainage pipes is going on while cleaning the block. To reduce this problem and to save human life some external work is done in this project. The device is placed across the drain so that only water flow through lower grids containing waste bottles paper etc are lifted by teeth that are connected by a chain.
Automatic Sewage Cleaning System, Automatic Sewage Cleaning Machine
Automatic Sewage Cleaning System
The chain drive is used to lift up the waste from the drain to the waste storage tank. Power is supplied to the chain drive by the dc motor. The waste materials are separated by bucket and are stored in the waste storage tank whenever the bucket is lifted up from the drain, with the help of a dc motor. Dc motor control plays a major role in many applications. Whenever the motor is run automatically drainage water cleaning overcomes all the short of drainage problems and promotes blockage-free drain progress continuous flow of drain water.
In this present work, it is proposed a novel method of automation in the sewage cleaning mechanism. Here IR sensor along with Arduino and GSM is used. The IR sensor is used for the detection of waste. Once the waste is detected the motor runs thereby collecting the waste and inserting it into the bin. At last, the GSM is used to convey a message to the user about the status of the bin.


The objective of the proposed project is to design and fabricate an automated machine for drainage cleaning to prevent humans from getting affected by various diseases from the infectious microbes present in the sewage while cleaning manually. This proposed system is to minimize or overcome the problem faced while using man-operated machine and to minimize the increased dumping rate of the waste.

Construction of Automatic Sewage Cleaning System

Automatic Sewage Cleaning System consists of the following components:
  • Chain
  • Sprocket
  • Conveyor system
  • Arduino kit / Microcontroller
  • GSM
  • Infrared sensor
  • Power supply

Working of Automatic Sewage Cleaning System

Automatic Sewage Cleaning System working flow chart
Automatic Sewage Cleaning System working flow chart

IoT means the internet of things. So here Arduino software is used. Using the coding, input and output are got from the starting point. The drainage process is the input and the output is when the dustbin was fully loaded then IR the sensor sends the message to the mobile phone. This is done output. In IoT process microcontroller Arduino is used for easy hardware and software usage.

Research work smart dustbin consists of various modules like gsm, IR sensor, and microcontroller. the IR sensor is connected to the microcontroller and the gsm is connected wirelessly to the modules. Whenever an IR sensor is detected which means the dustbin is filled with waste IR sensor detects and the signals are sent to the microcontroller and then the gsm will be activated with the help of certain sets of codes and programs. The gsm will be activated thus sending a message to the concerned person that is initially fed to the system.


  • It can be used in plastic industries.
  • It can be used to separate plastic, thermocol from sewage.


Modern services are becoming polarized. With the emergence of more and more automatic terminal services, modern services are also gradually becoming unmanned. Thus this semi-automated sewage cleaning system helps in cleaning the sewage automatically and helps in decreasing the spread of diseases due to direct human intervention into the sewage.

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