Design and Development of Coconut Grating Machine

Design and Development of Coconut Grating Machine

At present, about 4000 tonnes of desiccated coconut is manufactured annually and used mainly by confectionery, biscuit, and food processing industries. The coconut grating machine grinds or grates the deshelled coconut flesh into desiccated coconut.

The coconut grating machine works on the speed reduction technique by using a pulley belt arrangement. The overall size of the machine should be maintained as it helps to easily operate and smooth handling for workers.

In less time, we can produce the maximum amount of coconut grate by using this machine. We can also make use of well-sealed gearbox speed reduction.

Depending upon the shape and quantity of shreds of the coconut, the grating disc changes respectively. Being highly efficient at shorter distances, V- belt is used in this mechanism.

The coconut grating machine is useful for large-scale production industries for the coconut on large scale; it helps to satisfy the requirement of customers on time. Coconut dehusking and grating is the most fundamental issue in terms of finding labor and improving productivity.
In food industries, we need large manpower because in every part of the section we cannot use an automatically operated machine. So to overcome these advantages coconut dehiscing and grating machine is a good solution.
Coconut grating machine |
Final assembled machine

Components of Coconut Grating Machine

  1. Mainframe
  2. Grating Disc
  3. Electric motor
  4. Shaft
  5. V groove pulley
  6. Belt
  7. Bearing
  8. Key

Let us understand these components in detail.


The mainframe is constructed with a rectangular shape. The material used for the mainframe is steel. The side edges/plates are welded together to form the frame.
The welding of plates provides very rigid joints. The mainframe is sealed properly and passages are provided in case of maintenance.

Grating disc

It is the important part of the machine as it grates the coconut. The grating disc arrangement is designed for efficient grating of coconut.
The grating disc is manufactured depending upon the application. Grating discs are made with different types of impressions on them.

Electric Motor

For the rotation of the grating disc an electric motor is used. An electric motor converts the electrical power into mechanical power required to drive the mechanism.
For this machine, an electric motor of 1.5 HP is used.


A shaft is a rotating machine element that is used to transmit power from one element to another element. In order to transmit power from one shaft to another, various mechanical elements are used such as gears, couplings, belt drives, chain drives, etc.
This machine uses two-stage speed reduction and hence the shafts used are two. The speed reduction is done by means of belt and pulley arrangement.


Power transmission through belt pulley arrangement is the simplest method than other elements. There are different types of pulleys according to the type of belt selected. As we have selected V-belt, v groove pulley is used.


Belts are the flexible links used to transmit power over considerable distances. The belt should have high flexibility to easily bend while passing over another pulley.
Belts are manufactured in the form of long bands and rolled as coils. V-belts are used due to their high efficiency over short distances and the slip factor of the v-belt is small as compared to other types of belts.


Bearing is a machine element that supports another rotating machine element. It permits relative motion between the contact surface of the members while carrying loads.
The bearings used are single-row deep groove ball bearings.


A key is a machine element that is used to connect the transmission shaft to rotating machine elements like pulley, gear, sprocket, or flywheel.

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