Design and Development of Plastic Shredder Machine

Design, Development, and Manufacturing of Plastic Shredder Machine Project

A shredder is a mechanical device used to cut objects into smaller pieces. A plastic shredder machine is a machine that cuts the plastics into smaller pieces in order to make waste management easier.

Introduction to Plastic Shredder Machine

Nowadays, the world is facing a critical issue of plastic waste management. The available plastic shredding machines are so costly and the setup is high. On the other hand, packing this waste and proving them to these waste processing plants is also costly.
Hence, to overcome this problem we have developed a low-cost Plastic Shredding Machine that will shred the plastic on a small basis and reduce the cost of transportation to processing plants.


  1. To produce a low-cost machine.
  2. Easy to operate for an unskilled person.
  3. Can be used at local recycling stations.
  4. Highly durable.
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Details of Plastic Shredder Machine

Design of Plastic Shredder Machine

The machine consists of the following components in its design:
  1. 2 HP Single Phase AC Motor
  2. Gearbox.
  3. Spur Gears.
  4. Shredder blades.
  5. Structural Frame
  6. Bearings.
The plastic shredding machine is designed in accordance with the Torque required for shredding and power requirement.
Gearing and shaft calculations were made by the use of a Design data book.
Shredder blades also known as cutting blades are the most important in a plastic shredding machine. They are generally made of mild steel and their tips are strengthened by coating them with a carbide tool.
Shredder blades are divided into two parts i.e. fixed blades and movable blades. Fixed blades are welded on a hemisphere of the cutting chamber whereas movable blades are placed on a rotating shaft.

Working of Plastic Shredder Machine

Initially, power is supplied to the motor by means of a power source. The motor has two switches viz, forward and reverse switch.
The output shaft of the gearbox is coupled to the shaft of the shredder. Power supplied to the motor is transferred to the shredder shaft through the gearbox. A gearing arrangement is provided for the opposite rotation of another shaft.
Now, the plastic to be shredded is fed through the hopper on the top. As the plastic comes in contact with the blades, it gets cut into finer pieces due to crushing and shear stress acted on them by shredder blades.
Finally, the shredded pieces come down from the shredding chamber and are collected in a collecting basket.


The developed Plastic Shredding machine is simple, efficient, and requires less cost as compared to existing models. By the use of this machine overall costing of the recycling process is reduced. The machine is durable and its maintenance cost is lower compared to existing machines.

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