Design, Development and Fabrication of Agricultural Spraying Machine – Engineering Project

Agricultural spraying machine is to overcome the problems faced by traditionally spraying done by farmers who carry knapsack-type sprayers because of its versatility, design, and cost. But it is time-consuming and requires human efforts causing problems like back pain.

Hence, in order to overcome these problems, we have designed and developed a new agricultural sprayer that is more efficient than traditional sprayers and requires negligible human efforts. A multi-functional device will come in handy that can be used in different stages of farming as per farmers’ requirements.
This wheel-operated pesticide spray equipment consumes less time and achieves uniform nozzle pressure. A crank mechanism with a piston pump that is driven by a wheel is also used.
The main aim of this project is to develop low cost mechanically operated sprayer pump. The equipment has been validated by the users and feedback has been taken and improvements have been done.
Design, Development and Fabrication of Agricultural Spraying Machine - Mechanical Engineering Project |
Agricultural Spraying Machine

Introduction to Agricultural Spraying Machine

A sprayer is a device used to spray chemicals or liquids depending upon the application.
In agriculture, sprayers are used to apply herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides to crops.
Sprayers come in a different range of sizes from man-portable units to self-propelled units similar to tractors.

Objectives of Agricultural Spraying Machine

  • To reduce overall cycle time for the agricultural sprayer.
  • To reduce human efforts in order to reduce the fatigue load on farmers.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Easy to operate by unskilled workers.
  • Highly durable.
  • It must be affordable.
  • Use of multi-nozzles in order to spray large areas at a faster rate.

Types of Sprayers

There is a wide variety of sprayers used by farmers for agricultural use. They are classified as follows:
  1. Knapsack Sprayer
  2. Hand Sprayer
  3. Pump Sprayer
  4. Compression Sprayer
  5. Garden Sprayer
  6. Stirrup Sprayer
The disadvantage of these type of sprayers is that they are heavy, hand-operated, and has to carry on shoulders which causes fatigue to the operator.
Hence, it became a need to design a sprayer that will overcome all the above problems.
Details of Agricultural Spraying Machine-
Details of Agricultural Spraying Machine

Construction of Agricultural Spraying Machine

This sprayer contains a chain, sprocket, wheel, chassis (frame) with handle, connecting rod, and a pump.
Square tubes are used for the fabrication of the chassis.
All other parts such as sprocket, chain, wheel, and pump are the standard parts.
The chain sprocket mechanism will be used for pumping purposes.


The connecting rod is engaged with the piston of the sprayer which reciprocates causing pumping action resulting in increased pressure inside the pump which is further used to spray chemicals when the nozzle is opened on the sprayer line.


1. Human effort in pumping is reduced.
2. Increased capacity of spraying.
3. Fatigue load reduced.
4. Cost-effective.
5. Increased rate of spraying thus reducing time in spraying.


1. Agriculture.
2. Horticulture.
3. Floriculture.
4. Spraying of germicide.

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