Regenerative Braking System Project

Introduction to Regenerative Braking System

When we press the brake pedal of our vehicle to stop or reduce the speed of it at that time kinetic energy available at wheel is converted into heat and that heat is dissipated into the atmosphere. So near about 20-25% of energy is lost at the brake. We are trying to recover that energy by using the regenerative braking system
In a regenerative braking system, there are mainly three extra components are added to the vehicle as motor, planetary gearbox, battery. A planetary gearbox is attached at the rear axle of the vehicle. The sun gear is mounted on the main axle which rotates continuously which also rotates planetary gears and arms, at the same time ring gear remains constant. When we press the brake pedal at that time brake shoe restricts the motion of the arm which restricts the motion of planet gears and gives rotation to ring gear. The ring gear is connected to a motor which also acts as a generator.
Regenerative Braking System
Regenerative Braking System.
At the time of starting vehicle uses power from both I C engine as well as the battery as it required more power but when it moves on plane road at that time vehicle doesn’t required that much amount of power so power from the battery is cut off; when we press brake pedal at that time by using clutch we disconnect engine power and recapturing kinetic energy from wheels and storing it into the battery.

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